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Enter the new year more vibrant than ever before.

Are you dreading extra weight creeping in over the holidays? Or feel tired thinking about old patterns with food and exercise you can’t seem to overcome? Do you feel stress and anxiety about family dynamics during this time of year? Then look no further….


“Holiday of Health” is an all-new coaching program that supports you in all aspects of staying fit, healthy, inspired, and emotionally centered. There is no better time to break out of old patterns with food and exercise than during the holidays - when the challenges with staying healthy are staring you right in the face.



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Imagine if you could enter 2020 not only feeling more vibrant, energized, slender and healthy - but utterly confident that you have re-wired old patterns with food, shed old mindsets, and are more in touch with your empowered self. This 6-week group coaching program runs from November 17th - December 29th, 2019

What most people don’t know is that you can’t change an old pattern simply with willpower. You must have TOOLS to get your deeper mind on board with the health you envision. 


Created with amazing tools to re-wire your mind and body, this program will give you:


  • powerful tools to end stress-eating, emotional-eating, & food cravings.

  • healthy recipes to “trade” holiday favorites for nourishing foods your tastebuds & body will love.

  • support for helping you clear resistance to exercise + mindsets for stay consistent.

  • learn how to clear stress & anxiety and re-wire toxic emotional patterns. 

  • BONUS #1: get “30-Days of Change” - a program that was created for private clients and those who attended the retreat - FREE to you!

  • BONUS#2: Discover "Manifest" - Yoga & Yummies, and get a big discount toward yoga classes, helping you stay fit, peaceful, and energized all the way through the holidays. www.manifestlubbock.com 


I’m a health coach, EFT Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor. I’ve been a student of this work for many years, not only healing my own relationship with food, but taking a microscope understanding underlying patterns that create emotional eating, food cravings, resistance to exercise, and blockages to success. I coach clients one-on-one, lead health retreats. My light-up is supporting you in breaking through the blockages holding you back from a vibrant life you love. 

How does the program work?


  • Live Calls - tune in Sunday afternoons @ 4pm CST from November 17th - December 29th for coaching, questions, & support. If you can’t make it live, no worries! An audio will be waiting for you in your inbox with the replay link.

  • Live Gatherings - potluck-style gatherings for those in the Lubbock area to connect, share a meal, and receive additional coaching. (Note: this is optional - you’ll still receive an incredible amount of support even if you can’t make it due to location or time.) 

  • Facebook Group - get recipes, share and connect to stay inspired, motivated, and encouraged. 

What tools do I use?


INTUITIVE EATING: discover “congruent foods”, tips for  daily cleansing, green juicing, and intuitive eating as the foundation of this work. 


FOOD TRADES:  don’t deprive, REPLACE! You can have it all, you just have to learn how to do it! Learn how to make awesome foods that you both your mind and body will love. 


EFT TAPPING - this one-of-kind technique helps the part of your mind that tends to “push-back” against change - helping it get on board with the great changes you want to make . EFT Tapping helps you re-wire old patterns that lead to emotional eating, food cravings, resistance to exercise, self-sabotage and more. 


YOGA -  in all my years of searching for exercise/movement that supports healing, and the mind-body connection, yoga fits the bill. Between the intentional breathing, strength-building, deep stretching, this form of movement has it all!

COMMUNITY - there’s nothing more powerful than being with a group of people with the same intention as you. Optional pot-luck style gatherings are included in this program to take your inspiration to the next level. 

Your Investment







per couple - or two participants 

in one family

Questions? Glad you asked!


What if I’m already following another diet or health protocol. Will this still help me?


Absolutely! Let’s say you’re doing Keto, or Paleo, or following Intermittent fasting, and loving it. But you’re discovering that you tend to self-sabotage, or not follow the program as closely as you’d like. This program is designed to help you clear what’s blocking you from being consistent and doing what you know works for you. 


“Holiday of Health” isn’t created to be a diet, or nutritional protocol. It’s designed to help you clear what’s blocking you from following through whatever goals you’ve already set up for yourself. 


And on top of that, I’ll be giving you my recommendations for what I consider to be the foundation for health.You’ll learn about “confusing vs. congruent foods”, the “meal ritual”, cleansing tips, and daily practices for you to integrate in whatever way is right for you. 


I’m not sure if I have time. Is this program time-intensive?


As with anything, you can put as much or little as you choose. You’ll want to set aside an hour every week to listen to the Live Call, and at least 15 minutes each day for the practices. 

However, the truth is, we invest our time in what we find valuable. We could gain all the things in the world, but if we don’t have a strong, energetic, healthy, body, everything else will feel less enjoyable and satisfying. Remember that you are worthy of the time it takes to feel amazing inside your own skin. And of course, you’ll be of greater inspiration and create a greater ripple effect in the lives of those around you. 


Can I do this if I’m not able to join the group gatherings?


You bet! If you’re not in the Lubbock area, or the live gathering doesn’t work for you, you’ll still receive an incredible amount of support and inspiration. If you are in the Lubbock area and able to join, I can’t emphasize enough how magical it is to be with those who are on the same path as you. Everyone who has done one of my retreats will tell you, the live gathering is where it’s at. There’s intangible inspiration in being together as a group. You won’t want to miss!


Can I pay in two installments?


Yes! You can pay in two installments of $50 (per month for two months -for 1 participant), or $80 (per month for two months - for 2 participants). Invoiced via PayPal. 


What is the “30-Days of Change”?


Created specifically for private clients, and those preparing for the 4-day retreat, this set of audios, videos, and pdfs, is packed with my most powerful offerings from the past several years. Along with over 25 audios, you’ll receive an E-book, and a full-color recipe book. 

The “30-Days of Change” can be used as a resource during the program, or can be used as support following the program. Upon your enrollment, you’ll receive a Dropbox link straight to the program. 

 You’ll not only receive explanations for what you’re doing and why, but EFT Tapping meditations, exercise to help you break through barriers you’ve been experiencing for years! 

How does yoga fit into all this?

I've been a yoga teacher for 5 years, and I'm loving my experience teaching with "Manifest - Yoga & Yummies" here in Lubbock. This amazing community of teachers are as passionate about wellness & community as I am! 

When you enroll for "Holiday of Health", you have the option to purchase a discounted 10-class package with Manifest for only $75. It's an incredible gift, because most 10-class packages are about twice that amount. We want you to feel your glowy, inspired self all during the holiday season, so here's one way to make it happen! If you already have an exercise routine you love, then no worries. It's totally optional. 

You can learn more about "Manifest" by going to www.manifestlubbock.com